Science and innovation

If you are interested in science, innovation and new technologies, you may wish to find the answers to questions such as:

  • What percentage of GDP is spent on research & development? 
  • How much do private companies spend on research & development? 
  • What new technologies are used in Belgium?

The website of the Walloon Institute for Evaluation, Prospective and Statistics (IWEPS) includes statistics on science and innovation in Wallonia under "Entreprises", sub-section "Diffusion de l´innovation et des connaissances" (French).

The statistics on production and companies (French-Dutch) in the Brussels-Capital Region also contain data on new technologies and their value-added.

More information and figures about science and innovation (Dutch) in Flanders can be found on the website of the Research Centre of the Flemish Government under the policy area “Wetenschap en innovatie” (Science and innovation).