Socially responsible investing (SRI)

Socially responsible investing (or investment) is an important tool for achieving corporate social responsibility. It combines traditional financial values with social, ethical and environmental criteria by incorporating the latter in a structural, voluntary and transparent way into investment management (saving and investing) and the exercising of rights associated with investment. Stakeholder consultation is also part of the process.

The Belgian Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investment Forum (BELSIF) is a non-profit association that plays a key role in the field of socially responsible investing.

BELSIF has three main goals:

  • To act as a knowledge centre for sustainable investment in Belgium 
  • To promote sustainable investment in Belgium 
  • To promote transparency, accountability and quality within the sector.

The  BELSIF website contains not only general information about SRI, publications and information about activities but also everything you need to know about SRI legislation in Europe and comprehensive statistics on SRI in Belgium and Europe.

The website also contains links to the main financial institutions, research bodies and NGOs associated with SRI in Belgium.