Belgium at a glance

"Belgium at a glance" is a 36-page digital brochure providing a light overview of what our country is all about. The brochure is richly illustrated with photos, making it highly accessible to anyone who wants to find out more about Belgium. Its five sections cover a wide range of topics: 

  • 'Belgium - a bird’s eye view' provides succinct geographical, political and historical background information on our country.
  • 'Belgium at work' highlights Belgium’s worldwide exports, logistics capabilities and climate of innovation.
  • 'Belgium has art in its blood' showcases our fabulous architecture and world-famous comic strips as well as Belgium’s undeniable contributions to music and the visual and performing arts.
  • Naturally there had to be a section on 'Belgium – a way of life'. Belgium is definitely among the world’s top gastronomic achievers, but it is also a country of folklore, fashion, design and famous sporting heroes.
  • 'Belgium and Brussels in a world context' spotlights our international image. Belgium brings Europe within reach for many international companies and organisations.

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