• What would you like to know about Belgium?

    Belgium Belgium is the beating heart of the European market and a major player in international trade. It offers a high quality of living, a diverse population and an open community.
  • Why invest in Belgium?

    The Flemish Region, the Brussels Capital Region and the Walloon Region... the three regions give access to the vast European consumer market, excellent infrastructure and connections, highly productive workforce, a diverse population and innovation.
  • Professional qualifications

    In Belgium, evidence of professional qualifications has to be provided for certain professions. Directive 2005/36 introduces a system of mutual recognition of professional qualifications within the European Economic Area.
  • Services Directive

    The Services Directive is a piece of EU legislation that was drawn up to make life easier for businesses that provide or use services in the European Union.
  • Public Procurement

    For more detailed information or the latest developments in public procurement legislation.
  • Belgian assistance and problem-solving services

    You have a question or a problem related to rights, rules, obligations and procedures laid down in European or Belgian legislation? We can help you.
  • Product requirements

    Certain products have to meet European technical or other requirements for export, import, use or manufacturing. Those requirements are described in Regulation 2019/515 and 2011/305, and in some cases there are also Belgian requirements to fulfill.