Setting up your business

To set up your business in Belgium, you will need to complete a number of administrative formalities. These are the most common:

  • Incorporating a company
  • Registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises 
  • Registration with the VAT authorities
  • Membership of a Social Insurance Fund
  • Registering your business as an employer
  • Submitting a statement when hiring your first employee

    You can complete these steps electronically (online) with the relevant authority, or by contacting a one-stop shop (fr). Under the Services directive, Business Counters act as one-stop shops in Belgium. You can submit a request with a one-stop shop for all permits or authorizations that you may need.

    Professional qualifications

    In Belgium, certain professions can only be carried out if you have the necessary professional qualifications. Directive 2005/36/EC allows for mutual recognition of professional qualifications within the European Economic Area.

    Permits and authorizations

    To find out more about the conditions, permits and authorisations associated with your activities in Belgium, we invite you to consult the webpage

    Temporary and occasional provision of services without establishment in Belgium

    The Services directive provides companies established in an EU Member State with the possibility of providing services on a temporary and occasional basis in another Member State without having to settle there. The temporary and occasional nature of the services is determined on a case by case basis by the host country, specifically looking at the duration of the service delivery, frequency, periodicity and continuity.

    Under certain conditions, you do not need to provide evidence of your professional qualifications.

    If you carry out certain activities, you may be required to obtain an authorization or a prior permit. The same applies to parties providing temporary and occasional services: please consult the webpage

    You can also turn to a one-stop shop (fr) at all times to get information and support when completing the administrative procedures depending on the type of your activities.