Professions for which professional qualifications are required in Belgium

In Belgium evidence of professional qualifications has to be provided for a number of professions. You can prove your professional qualifications with your academic titles and/or work experience.

Hereafter you will find:

Directive 2005/36 introduces a European professional card, in order to simplify and speed up the process of recognising professional qualifications by letting the country of origin carry out certain steps of the procedure.

The introduction of a professional card for a certain profession requires a formal application by the sector concerned and approval by the Commission. However, the professional card is optional for providing evidence of your professional qualifications.

If you opt for a professional card, you must first contact the competent authority in your country of origin.

For each profession you will find:

  • the contact details of the competent authority;
  • the details of the contact person at the competent authority;
  • a link to the website of the competent authority were you can find information on the procedure that needs to be followed in order to gain access to the profession (evidence of your professional qualifications, application procedures, ...).

For further information, please contact the Assistance centre.

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